Rajono viešoji biblioteka sulaukė naujų EST savanorių

Atnaujinta: Trečiadienis, 18 lapkričio 2020 12:31 EST savanoriai Grazia ir Illia

Nuo spalio pradžios visus dešimt mėnesių Panevėžio rajono savivaldybės viešojoje bibliotekoje jus pasitiks dar dvi nuoširdžios EST savanorių Gracijos (Grazia) Ricci ir Ilios (Illia) Prosol šypsenos:


Our names are Grazia and Illia. You can find us in the library! We are volunteers of EVS Project and came to Lithuania from Italy and Ukraine. We are here because we want to know new culture, would like to study and learn Lithuanian language. We have never been in your country before. Why library? It's a place of huge knowledge and immense source of information. Since ancient times to nowadays people write and read books. Books are the part of our life. Currently when the internet has invaded in our life we must secure traditional books and libraries even more. We think our work in library will help us to sustain better connections with children. We'll try to give them our good feelings and perfect mood! We’ll stay in Panevežys library only one year, but we think you never forget us.

Yours fathfully,

Grazia and Illia