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Atnaujinta: Trečiadienis, 18 lapkričio 2020 12:31 EST savanorė Nadja Huber
Bibliotekoje - nauja, dar nedrąsi šypsena. Tai savanorė Nadja Huber. Tikimės, kad jos jaunatviškas entuziazmas suteiks bibliotekos veiklai naujų spalvų:

My name is Nadja, I’m 22 years old and I’m from Germany.
At the moment, I’m doing a European Voluntary Service in the library of Panevezys region for 9 months. After school, I studied French Cultural Studies and Business Administration at the University of the Saarland which is situated in the west of Germany, next to the French border. 
In winter 2013 I spent six months at the University of La Réunion. La Réunion is an overseas department of France and is situated east of Madagascar. During that time I realized that I liked living in another country because you really get to know the culture and the people in a different way than only being on holidays. 
After having finished my studies, I decided to take a gap year to do something else before continuing my studies. Since some of my friends already did a European Voluntary Service after school and they always described it to me as a really challenging but interesting experience, I decided to apply for an EVS as well. In the beginning, I applied for many workplaces in different countries like France, Romania and Lithuania. 
I was happy when I was informed that it would be possible to spend 9 months at the library of Panevezys region. Going to Lithuania sounded really interesting to me because it’s a region where I’ve never been before and since I don’t speak the language, it would be especially challenging. 
During my schooldays, I lived in the South of Germany, about 30km south of the German city Stuttgart. 
I lived together with my parents and my brother Felix who is 25 years old. He studied Business informatics and works in Stuttgart now. 
After school I moved out and shared an apartment with a fellow student of mine for 3 years, the time of my studies. 
In my spare time I like doing sports like playing squash, table tennis or hiking. Besides, I played the saxophone for 7 years and I also like doing handicrafts and creative activities like knitting or drawing. 
I think that these 9 months will be a good opportunity for me to get to know the Lithuanian culture, learn the Lithuanian language, and get to know the way of life and the traditions which exist in Lithuania
I also hope that I will have the opportunity to travel about the neighboring countries and meet a lot of people from different countries.

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