EST savanoriai susitiko su rajono meru

Atnaujinta: Trečiadienis, 18 lapkričio 2020 13:54 EST savanoriai susitiko su Panevėžio rajono meru P. Žaguniu

Bibliotekoje savanoriaujantys Grazia Ricci ir Illia Prosol kartu su kitais savanoriais lapkričio 4 d. buvo pakviesti į susitikimą su rajono meru Povilu Žaguniu.
Gracija  bei  Ilja pasidalino mintimis apie vykusį susitikimą:

"European volunteers are welcome guests in Panevėžys. From the beginning of our stay we have been feeling a hospitable and attentive behavior toward us. About one week ago, 4th of November, our group was invited for a meeting with the Mayor of Panevėžys region. There were also the head of Youth Policy of Panevėžys, the director of Panevėžys district library and the regional coordinator of our group form Lipniūno Kultūros Centras.

The Mayor showed his own functions, the corresponding features of this region. He had admitted that he was familiar with our origin (we came from Germany, Spain, Italy, Ukraine and Georgia) and our choice to volunteer.

Each of us we have got as a present a map of Panevežys district in order to discover and visit the most famous places in particular area and also to be active of participating in local life.

We as the volunteers would like to invite young people from Panevėžys to participate in our activities and make some proposals to us as well. We truly believe that it will help you to rediscover and to re-get to know your own town!"

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