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Panevėžys district is the largest district of all Panevėžys region, which surrounds the center of the area – Panevėžys city. The territory of Panevėžys district is 2199 square meters and all the population is 39 thousand people.

Panevėžys district library was found in 1951. Since 1996, it has been named Panevėžys district municipal public library. There are several sections in the library that consist of Book gathering and arrangement, Readers service and information, Regional studies, Internet athenaeum, Children literature, Regional studies sectors as well as a specific collection of all of the library books. There are 34 villages and one town – Ramygala – branches that belong to the main library. Panevėžys district municipal public library, as a cultural and information institute, coordinates all village's branches labor. The director of the institution is Rūta Bagdonienė.

In 2014 there were approximately 259,000 exemplars of printings in all the funds of the district libraries. In Panevėžys district library there are 7,000 readers and 179,000 visitors yearly. Since a year of 2000 the library has been involved in Lithuanian integrated libraries information system (LIBIS), in which the library creates its own electronic catalogue and automatic databases.

All publications of library can be found in e-catalog. Readers of Public library and Ramygala, Velžys, Piniava, Naujamiestis, Raguva libraries can search for printings, order them and if busy – to reserve desired publication.

In reading room of public library (Beržų st. 50) now it is possible to read and e-books. Literary works, which you want to read in e-reader can be ordered here: http://www.epaveldas.lt , and e-reader – at library e-services portal https://www.ibiblioteka.lt.

By using portal http://www.ibiblioteka.lt  in mobile means of communication, tablets and so on. Readers can easily, quickly and conveniently find and borrow electronic publications to read, which are available in Lithuanian National Martynas Mažvydas Library and  in all public LIBIS libraries of the Republic of Lithuania.

After library opening hours, the document(s) can leave in the book returning box whihc are located at the entrance to the library.

This library gives a lot of attention to regional studies: material is gathered and presented about the history of Panevėžys district and its famous people. There are 3 literary museums in Panevėžys district: the writer of literature M. Grigonis (Koldingo st.12, Panevėžys); the author, public figure G. Petkevičaitė – Bitė (village of Puziniškis); writer, priest, public figure J. Tumas – Vaižgantas and book smugglers (village of Ustrone); which were prepared and now are supervised by the public library. This institution prepares and pursues projects, arranges literary and special events.

Panevėžys district municipal public library

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