Savanorė Melinda Bogdan: kelionė, patirtis, iššūkis

Antradienis, 25 Liepa 2017 11:22 EST savanorė Melinda

Bibliotekoje besidarbuojanti Europos savanorių tarnybos savanorė Melinda iš Vengrijos pati negalėjo patikėti, kad dešimties mėnesių savęs išbandymas savanoriaujant jau įpusėjo:

Journey, experience, challenge…
Lithuania was not my dream country when I applied to EVS opportunity at January of 2017. Not because I thought it is a wrong place just I did not know too much about the country, culture and traditions. Now I am one of the happiest people on the world because I did it and I decided well.
I live in Panevezys, a small city in Lithuania. I am here from February of 2017 and it is half time. I spent already five months in Lithauania and I’m really surprised how fast the time is.
When I arrived here I didn’t know what will happen with me, how can I solve my tasks and how can I live here without my family, my friends and my environment. I knew I have to create my own life just I didn’t know how I can start it… Imagine, everything is started. Started the work on my workplace, started to find friends, started to find myself when I’m totally alone. It may seems easy but not in every case. Who travel a lot, knows what it means.
I remember clear when I saw first time the bus which takes me to the village where is one of my workplace. It was so strange. A really old, and small bus was that with serious appearance. Exactly as in the movies about Soviet Union.  I could not believe that they use it. But this is just one of the lots of surprising thing what you see when you are living in a foreign country. The process of discovery is amazing. From dishes to traditions, everything. The main thing is that the time is run away and I don’t feel exactly the months. I have just another five months and I know I have to take advantage of the time.

Melinda Bogdán
Volunteer in Panevezys, Lithuania